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Anti-Bullying Resources

Bullying/Harassment, Hate Language/Racial Discrimination 

We believe that a student's right to feel safe in school is paramount and contributes significantly to their capacity for learning and social development. Currently, District 86 and our schools have a protocol for reporting the use of bullying/harassment, hate language or racial discrimination and dealing with offenders. However, it is our belief that these situations often go unreported because students, for a number of reasons, may not be comfortable reporting incidents to school personnel or in general. 

We encourage students and parents/guardians to report the use of bullying/harassment, hate language or racial discrimination to the dean's office or a trusted adult. They can also report them via the district's Tip Line. When a message is retrieved by school personnel, the incident will be investigated and responded to accordingly.

Reporting Bullying/Harassment/Discrimination via Email
We encourage students, parents/guardians and staff members to report bullying or harassment to the Tip Line.

Blackboard Tip Line Access
Note: You do not need to give your name to file a report, but please identify your school so the appropriate resources are allocated to your reported incident.

Suicide Hotline

Teen Suicide Hotline

Other Helpful Resources