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Inside the Classroom

In September 2021, District 86 launched the "Inside the Classroom" video series to showcase the work/learning our schools are engaged in on a daily basis, and highlight some of the ways in which we support the growth, development and success of our students.

Below are the videos that have been produced during the 2022-23 school year.

You can access all of the videos in the series by visiting the Inside the Classroom playlist on our YouTube channel.

Earth Science Honors at Hinsdale Central 

This video features Alan McCloud’s Earth Science Honors class at Hinsdale Central. In this lesson, students participate in a lab that strengthens their understanding of how to calculate the distance to stars using parallax.

We also hear from senior Gabriela Veliz-Hernandez who says this class has been a rewarding experience because she is able to see and apply what she is learning in her daily life just by stepping outdoors.

English Language Learners Program in District 86

In this video, we learn how the program is structured to help students who speak different languages become proficient in reading, writing, listening and speaking in English.

In addition, we hear from Treacy O'Keefe, the district ELL coordinator, who talks about the growth of the program and how it is being expanded over the next few years to meet student needs. We also hear from sophomore Yanlang (Eric) Shao who says the support of his teacher and fellow ELL classmates has had a positive impact on his ability to learn English and excel in his classes at Hinsdale Central. 

Chamber Choir at Hinsdale Central 

In this video, we learn about how students prepare for an upcoming concert by practicing the skill of stagger breathing.

In addition, we hear from senior Naya Majauskas who says her choir class is the “rock in her schedule” where she can have fun while working with her peers to achieve a common goal. We also hear from Ms. Burkemper who passionately describes the bond students make during their time in choir.

Instructional Innovation in District 86

In this video, we learn about how IICs help support teachers as they implement more technology and new strategies in the classroom to enhance learning and provide more feedback to students.

Learn why Arpan Chokshi from Hinsdale Central says being an IIC has challenged him to be a better teacher, and how Adam Hallihan from Hinsdale South has seen the use of technology in the classroom enable students to take control and personalize their learning.

College Prep Math at Hinsdale Central

In this video, Ms. Galich and senior LaNiyah Bailey talk about how this class helps students prepare for college-level math classes, feel confident about their math skills and utilizing them in the real world.

SEL in District 86

In the video, Kurt Vonnahme and Megan Parker talk about the role and responsibilities of the district's social and emotional learning (SEL) coaches. With the help of students Grace Choi and Shay Doshi, they also highlight the impact and benefits of the monthly Red Devil Reflections and SouthPride Lessons, which are created in collaboration with the Student Voice Committee at each school and are focused on helping students build their SEL skills and competencies.