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Hinsdale Central High School offers 31 athletic programs that prioritize school work and teach students critical life skills such as leadership, goal setting and time management.

Each sport has different levels that provide students with the chance to play, while also aiding their growth and development.

We are incredibly proud of our program’s history of success, which includes currently having the second highest number of championships in the state of Illinois. 

Please check out this site to learn more about Red Devil Athletics. If you have any questions about our program, please contact our athletic department at 630-570-8241.

The mission of the athletics department is consistent with the District 86 commitment to the total education of its students as well as service to the community. In keeping with the district’s commitment to teaching, the department’s coaches and staff will extend the classroom to our fields of play to provide challenges to young men and women to fulfill their individual and intellectual potential in preparation for lives of leadership and productive citizenship.

Interscholastic sports at Hinsdale Central form part of a diverse co-curricular program. The athletic programs are regarded as vital parts of the total educational offerings of our school. The sound development of the physical capacities of our students complements and enhances their intellectual, emotional and social development. These opportunities are useful tools that help achieve the goals of a comprehensive education.

We encourage student participation in the athletic program, and strive to involve as many of them as possible in the experience. With that said, high school athletics are competitive, which means not everyone will make the team or receive the same opportunities to take part in competitions. Those decisions are ultimately made by members of our staff.

Hinsdale Central’s dedication to excellence extends to our athletic program, which serves as an extension of our classrooms and enhances the learning experiences and opportunities we offer to our students. All team members, regardless of their ability, will have the chance to develop and strengthen their social and athletic skills, work ethic and overall sense of commitment.

Michael Jezioro

Michael Jezioro

Athletic Director

Wanda Swik

Administrative Assistant