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What is Etymology?

What is Etymology?

What is Etymology?
Etymology is the study of the true meaning (true origin) of words and their use. Are you interested in increasing your vocabulary and scoring well on the English portion of the SAT or ACT? Do you find it hard to understand all of the words in your textbooks?  If you answered yes to these questions,  then Etymology is the class for you. 

What is the purpose of this class?  
To increase your knowledge and understanding of the English vocabulary. This class will teach you sophisticated words that will help you express yourself better in writing as well as in speaking.  

What is the value of Etymology?  
The value of increasing one’s vocabulary is boundless. However, more specifically, Etymology:

  • Improves your reading speed and comprehension.  
  • Develops a finer choice and  use of the words in writing and speech.
  • Helps us to think more clearly and powerfully and communicate more effectively.
  • Gives us the tools to understand unknown words encountered on SAT, ACT or placement tests.

How long is the class?  
Etymology is a semester-long class.  

Who should I contact to learn more?
Talk to your world language teacher, guidance counselor, or department chair Jay Lawrence ( 

Who can take Etymology?
Etymology is open to students in grades 9-12.

How do I register for the Etymology?
Let your world language teacher and counselor know that you are interested in taking the course. 

Any questions?
Contact department chair Jay Lawrence (