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National Language Exam Contest Information

Below is information about the national language exam contests for French, German, Latin and Spanish. Students are encouraged to talk to their teacher if they have questions or would like to learn about the eligibility requirements. Those who are eligible to participate will receive an email from their teacher that includes details about registration, deadlines and fees. 

National French Exam

  • Information about the test:
  • ​Prizes
    • National prizes - teachers will receive medals for students in platinum, gold, silver or bronze.
    • Local prizes - each teacher will receive an electronic gift certificate to purchase prizes/awards for their students. The top scoring students for each level will receive a Grand Concours t-shirt.

National German Exam

  • Information about the test:
  • Practice materials will be provided by your teacher through your Lingco Account
  • Students who have additional questions about the test should contact their German teacher.
  • ​Prizes
    • Qualifying level 2, 3 and 4 students in the 90th percentile can apply for the AATG/PAD Study Trip Awards, which is a four-week study trip program to Germany.
    • Local prizes - All gold, silver, and bronze award winners are included in the Presidential Honor Roll and recognized in communications issued by the district. 

National Latin Exam

  • Previous exams for your level here:
  • Practice and prepare using the practice app:
  • Prizes
    • Awards on all of the exams are based upon the annual national average for each separate exam.
    • Those who submit a perfect paper receive a hand-lettered certificate.
    • Gold medal and a summa cum laude certificates are awarded to top scorers.
    • Silver medal and maxima cum laude certificates are awarded to second place winners.
    • Magna cum laude certificates are awarded to third place winners.
    • Cum laude certificates are awarded to fourth place winners.
    • Those who earn perfect papers and gold medals will have their names published in Torch U.S., which is a publication produced by the National Junior Classical League.
    • Special awards: new special book awards.
    • Students who earn four or more gold medals on different exams will receive a Loeb edition or other choice.
    • Students with three or more perfect papers will receive the Oxford Companion to Classical Literature, the Oxford Classical Dictionary or the Oxford Latin Dictionary.

National Spanish Exam

  • Information about the test can be found here
  • Exam preparation can be found here
  • Information about prizes can be found here