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Driver Education

Though an elective course, classroom driver education is required in order to obtain a state driver's license prior to the age of 18. Driver education is divided into two phases: 30 classroom hours of instruction and six hours of in-car training. Student schedules must allow for one class period per day during one semester in order to complete course requirements. 

Students enrolled in driver education will receive two grades at the end of the semester: one for the classroom phase and one for the behind-the-wheel phase. Upon successful completion of the Driver Education Cooperative Testing program, students will be eligible for their license without need for further examination by the Illinois Secretary of State Office. There is a $20.00 permit fee required by state.

Any students, including freshmen, who turn 15 before August 20 can take driver education first semester. Any students, including freshmen, who turn 15 before January 20 can take driver education second semester.

As a prerequisite, students enrolling in driver education must be passing eight semester classes within the two most recent semesters of attendance. Only classes used to determine a student's GPA will be allowed to meet this requirement.